Spa Leasing: The holiday rental market’s easily affordable answer to customer satisfaction

Leased Hot Tubs for your business

Spa Leasing: The holiday rental market’s easily affordable answer to customer satisfaction

If someone offered you a hot tub for your holiday rental with no upfront cost and told you it would pay for itself with five bookings (one night) each month, you would think they had been necking too many cocktails on a holiday of their own right?

Of course you would. “What’s the catch?” some might say or “yeah okay, pull the other one”. But, what if there was actually a way?


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Applying the spa leasing model not only allows you to offer customers something extra, it saves you paying a substantial chunk up front, while simultaneously allowing you to charge more to your guests for the privilege.

A win-win. What if you were told that full maintenance and chemicals each month was included as well? That’s a pinch yourself moment, understandably, though it is perfectly legitimate.

At the end of the day, your customers and ensuring that they enjoy their stay, leave a great review and hopefully book again are your priority and with 57 percent of Google users searching for holiday rentals with hot tubs, this offering is a no-brainer!

Here’s the deal

Whether you have an air bnb, lodge park, caravan park or even a glamping site, this can be perfectly tailored to you and your customers who will be happy to pay the extra £20/night that a hot tub commands.

The best bit (or one of them)….

There are absolutely no upfront costs! What’s more it’s even paid for itself after five nights in a month. Whether you let to couples, families or groups, a hot tub serves a purpose for everyone, offering that unique extra during their stay.

There is no need to worry about the exorbitant cost of buying a hot tub. Spa Leasing is the perfect and effective alternative and your bottom line? It’s as minimal a risk as you can possibly take!

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