Five reasons why your air bnb rental needs a hot tub

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Five reasons why your air bnb rental needs a hot tub

“If you’re not first, you’re last”. It is a common cliche circulated among sales professionals. Being first to do anything in life carries with it a certain amount of risk. The untested nature of it, the loneliness, the doubt over why no-one else has implemented this ‘great’ idea!

However, there is an upside. Quite a few in fact. While hot tubs aren’t a new, ground-breaking idea, they are slowly beginning to increase in popularity for the holiday rental market, especially with customers.

Keep reading to find out why having a hot tub in your air bnb rental is such a good idea!

1. Increase your price per night

With more airbnb’s sprouting up around the UK, competition is becoming fiercer as a greater amount try to differentiate themselves. A recent study found that having a hot tub can command an extra £20 per night.

In this market particularly, that is quite a lot when you start to do the maths. In a busy period, that adds a further £140 per week and the potential for £560 more each month!

2. Appeal to a wider range of customers

According to Google, 57 percent of holidaymakers in the UK are searching for accommodation that comes with a hot tub. Often, this is because they want to be sure that they can relax after a long day of sightseeing and help themselves to recharge for the next day.

3. Stand out from your competition

Knowing that you are doing as much as you can to attract more customers and meet their desires is something that every air bnb aspires to. Having a hot tub can be the difference between being good and being memorable.

4. Contribute to the ‘wow factor’

Making customers feel special is what businesses strive for. By including a hot tub in your air bnb will not only do this, but adds to the overall experience, leading to more repeat bookings.

5. Better reviews

Research shows that great reviews lead to more business, especially in the digital age. There are many ways that airbnb’s as well as many other niches in the hospitality industry try and go about doing this, though a hot tub shows your custom

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